Heat Recovery Ventilation is the answer!

This ‘whole house ventilation’ system will ensure that all of the stale air is removed. At the same time, freshly filtered air is constantly being supplied back into the house. A Heat Recovery Ventilation system will fully comply with Building Regulations and completely negates the need for noisy extract fans and trickle vents in windows.

The KWLC 650 from Helios has pre-heat and also after heat for added heat during winter months. The pre-heat is by a electric coil which is only activated if the air temperature intake is below 5 degrees as to prevent condensation forming in the unit.

The after heat is by a finned heat exchanger which is connected to your heating system and controlled by a variable twin stat the exchanger can except temperature up to 70 degrees which gently heats the air being delivered to the house increasing the efficiency.

The KWLC 650 is capable of providing a constant air flow into a typical 4-5 bedroom house and also with the added electrostatic filters the heat recovery system will provide a near zero pollen atmosphere which helps prevent allergic reactions to pollen and dust.

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