Oil Boilers

An Oil Boiler installation can be the perfect choice if your home is not connected to the UK’s gas network or you live in a rural area. Over 4 million homes currently aren’t connected to this service and a popular choice for these home owners is an Oil Boiler. There are a wide range of oil boilers and to choose from.

With the current models being very quiet, clean and compact you can have the choice to have your system wall mounted or floor mounted which can be dictated by the space in which to fit your system.

You can chose from combination or heat only oil boilers which is the same as gas boilers. The two most popular choices of boilers are standard (conventional) or combination (combi).

Oil used in your system can be purchased from any existing location giving you the freedom and choice to choose the best deal for you. Oil is then stored in a tank that feeds the boiler and can be placed in a location that is convenient to yourself. Different sizes of tanks can be installed to suit your needs and system installation.

To find out how much it could cost for an Oil Central Heating installation then please contact Elmore Plumbing and Heating to see how we can help you.

Oil Boiler Installation

Standard Oil Boiler Installation


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