Solar Thermal Hot Water System

Using Solar Panels to heat water is well established and the most affordable way of harnessing the suns power to generate free energy. Utilising the suns rays reduces our consumption of conventional fossil fuels and reduces emissions of harmful CO2 gases. Thermal solar panel systems make sense on both financial and environmental levels.

Elmore plumbing and Heating install the most efficient solar panels on the market today from manufacturers like Worcester Bosch, Veissmann and Vokera.

Evacuated tube solar systems can produce all the hot water needed during summer and contributes during winter days.

When incorporated to a H2 link up panel we can design your system to also help the central heating on cooler days by diverting solar hot water to the underfloor heating or radiators when the hot water is complete.

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Adding solar panels to your home can reduce your co2 emissions
by 400kg per year. This is the same as a family sized car produces in a year!

Solar panels increase the value of your home with the latest independent studies reporting that two thirds of buyers are prepared to pay up to £10,000 more for an energy efficient home.

A Thermal Hot Water system is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Government subsidy launched in April 2011.

A Thermal Solar Water System prolongs the life of your boiler as it is used far less and sometimes doesn’t even need to be used at all

Solar Hot Water Diagram

Available Solar Thermal System Installation


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